Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) Institute

Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) Institute is to the premier organization for professional development for Black women in higher education. We believe that developing supportive meaningful relationships with others provides a foundation from which Black women can be successful in higher education. Our identity-centered programming model integrates mind-body-spirit to remind Black women that they are fully integrated beings. In our culturally responsive professional development programs, we create an environment where community and connection, access to relevant and timely information, and personalized growth plans provide our members with the knowledge, skills, and values clarification they need to succeed in and beyond academia. 

By joining SOTA, you access a network of Black women across the world who are engaged in important teaching, scholarly inquiry, and service to their local and global communities.  We urge you to consider registering for our upcoming professional development programs, facilitate collaborative scholarship among Black women in higher education, and facilitate the development of relationships to enhance members’ professional development. SOTA is committed to positively impacting Black people, schools, and communities. 

SOTA's Mission

Through a network of relationships, Sisters of the Academy (SOTA) Institute facilitates the successful development of Black women in higher education. 

SOTA's Vision

We envision that every Black woman who enters the academy will flourish.

SOTA's Values

We value scholarly productivity that is:

  • Collaborative
  • Holistic
  • Intentional
  • Culturally Responsive


  • Dr. Anna Green Jones, President Emerita
  • Dr. Adria Belk
  • Dr. Tamara Bertrand Jones
  • Cindy Gipson
  • Dr. LeKita Scott Dawkins
  • Dr. Amanda Turner
  • Dr. Rheeda Walker