Priming the Pipeline

Welcome to Priming the Pipeline Program- a transformative journey that goes beyond academics to equip Black women undergraduate and master's students with the skills, inspiration, and strength needed to excel in their post-baccalaureate endeavors. We understand that your journey extends far beyond the classroom, and Priming the Pipeline is designed to empower you with the holistic tools needed for success.Our program is designed to provide you with the tools, mentorship, and nurturing environment you need to pave the way for a future of positive achievement.

Goals of the Priming the Pipeline Program

Discovering Self and Educational Goals: Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you explore your educational and career aspirations. Priming the Pipeline empowers you to define your educational path and set goals that align with your passions and aspirations.

Identifying Strengths and Passions: Uncover your unique strengths and passions that drive you to succeed. Priming the Pipeline helps you recognize your innate abilities and aligns them with your academic and career pursuits.

Collaborative Skills in a Nurturing Environment: Embrace the power of collaboration within a nurturing and nontraditional environment. Priming the Pipeline fosters an inclusive space where you can learn to work effectively with others, leveraging diverse perspectives to achieve shared goals.

Positive Mentorship for Future Success: Gain the guidance you need to steer your future in a positive direction. Through mentoring relationships, Priming the Pipeline connects you with experienced scholars who provide insights, encouragement, and direction to help you achieve your goals.

What to Expect in Priming the Pipeline

  • Engaging with Influential Scholars: Immerse yourself in conversations with some of the most influential and scholarly women of color in the nation. Gain insights from their journeys, experiences, and expertise, as they inspire you to envision and pursue your own path.

    Networking and Future Opportunities: Connect with scholars who share your interests and passions. The Priming the Pipeline Program provides a platform for you to explore potential future opportunities, gain advice, and forge valuable connections within your chosen field.

    Leadership Skills Development: Study leadership skills that go beyond the classroom. Learn to lead with authenticity, resilience, and purpose, equipping yourself for success in both academia and life.

    Community Service Impact: Make a difference in your community through a hands-on community service project. Put your leadership skills to practice as you contribute to meaningful change.

    Mentoring and Leadership Sessions: Engage in four or more mentoring and leadership sessions that cover a range of topics, from personal development to professional growth. Benefit from the wisdom of accomplished mentors.

    Team Action Plan: Collaborate with your peers to create and present a team action plan—a tangible roadmap for achieving your goals. Learn the art of effective teamwork and strategic planning.

    Leadership Training: Participate in leadership training sessions that equip you with the tools to lead with confidence, navigate challenges, and inspire others.

    Scholarly Mentoring: Be mentored by scholars in residence and junior mentors/interns who understand the unique journey of Black women scholars. Gain personalized guidance and support tailored to your needs.

    Cross-Collaboration: Interact with participants from the Sisters of the Academy Research BootCamp—an opportunity to engage with a wider community of scholars, fostering cross-collaboration and expanding your network.

Expected Outcomes of the Priming the Pipeline Program
  • Skills and Motivation for Post-Baccalaureate Success: Gain the skills, knowledge, and motivation necessary to navigate and succeed in post-baccalaureate degrees. Priming the Pipeline equips you with the tools to confidently pursue advanced education and career opportunities.

    Self-Knowledge and Inspiration from Scholars: Engage with scholars who not only share their expertise but also inspire you to tap into your own potential. Discover self-knowledge, recognize your strengths, and envision a future where your academic pursuits align with your passions.

    Voice, Self-Identification, and Activism: Priming the Pipeline encourages you to find and amplify your voice. Explore self-identification, embracing your identity as a Black woman scholar, and learn how to channel your voice into activism that creates positive change.

    Informed Future Decisions: Gain insights that inform your educational and career decisions. Priming the Pipeline fosters a deeper understanding of your options and empowers you to make informed choices that align with your aspirations.

    Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Strength: Nurture your spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being. Priming the Pipeline provides a supportive space where you can strengthen your conviction, build emotional resilience, and take action that aligns with your values.

Contact Member Services at [email protected] for more information about attending or hosting the next SOTA Priming the Pipeline Program.